So you are thinking about engaging my services. Here's a few insights into my consulting business.

Why Bell Cow?

Well, my wife asked the same question when I created the name. Must be a generational gap! In the "good old days," a dairy farmer would put a bell on the lead cow of the herd. Doing so meant the other cows would fall in-line for the trip back to the barn. Hence, the genesis of "Bell Cow."  For me, it was a fun name to use

What are your rates?

Each project is unique and different. Therefore, during our introductory meeting, we'll discuss what makes sense for you and has reasonable reimbursement for the scope of the task(s) at hand.

Will we have a contract?

Given the differing goals and objectives of each project, there may be a need for us to create a document out-lining intentions, expectations and outcomes. Needless to say, I prefer to do business the old fashioned way and don't be surprised if we do something together on a handshake!